Factory View

With over 25 years of experience Rabixo sports has established a modern facility located near small industrial Estate Sialkot, Pakistan,we strive to provide a hassle customer services, producing high quality Clothing , Gloves and Accessories.

our sewing workshop is divided into a knitting and weaving department to allow us to manufacture a broad range of goods. With each department having separate management as well as quality control staff, we can ensure the highest quality. To optimize processes we have qualified staff for better quality. Cutting section is one of the most important section for manufacturing garments in clothing factories. There is a process which we strictly follow in the cutting section in order to send the right parts to the next process and ensure the production of quality garments. Garments parts are cut according to the pattern.

Our professional quality control team is well qualified to identify any defect in the product so our team sets higher standard to pass product for packing.we try out level best to produce higher quality products.